To establish and maintain ongoing two-way communications between the association and its members through all means available including but not limited to online, social media, print and in-person.  Identify topics, information and industry news to be communicated to the membership and constantly monitor communication vehicles and evaluate their effectiveness.


To plan and promote a variety of projects and events related to real estate for members; to promote community involvement through projects designed to educate and build community awareness; to promote NOLA C.A.M.P. and its members through events, special projects and involvement within the community.


To establish, through planning and a visionary process, the future educational initiatives for NOLA C.A.M.P. membership including both CalB.R.E and informational-only seminars; to encourage cooperative educational efforts with C.A.M.P. and N.A.M.B., various local associations, institutes and councils, state and other industry-related organizations; to provide opportunities for presentations and idea sharing relating to new technologies, trends, and general real estate best-practices.


To take positions and offer input on legislative matters, environmental and community issues that are of concern to property owners and Mortgage Loan Originators with primary emphasis on local issues; to develop and maintain close relationships with legislators representing the Los Angeles County through frequent meetings and correspondence.

Y.P.N. COMMITTEE (Young Professional Network):

To provide newer members in the real estate profession a platform to network and build relationships and increase awareness of NOLA C.A.M.P benefits and activities through planned events; to increase membership participation in other committees, educational opportunities and mentorship programs.


To review complaints from members and the public to determine whether a formal hearing is warranted. To serve as a member of the Grievance Committee applicants shall be interviewed prior to appointment to the committee. In addition, members must have been a member of an Association for a minimum of two years.


To provide panelists for disciplinary action or arbitration, in accordance with the Professional Standards Rules. Participation requires special training and three years of previous experience on the Grievance Committee including two years as a voting member.


To develop and implement programs and seminars to educate the public consumer on the home-buying process; to identify and seek solutions to barriers of homeownership, such as financing, credit solutions and fair housing; to present fair housing information and training opportunities to develop cohesive partnerships for creating a favorable environment to affordable housing for all; to promote cultural diversity and diversity in leadership; to participate in community outreach programs which create goodwill and positive publicity for our membership.