Commercial Financing

CAMP supports a vibrant commercial lending community.
Many of our CAMP members are actively engaged in commercial lending. Our members provide financing solutions for investors and owner users of commercial real estate.
To help meet the needs of our members and their clients, CAMP offers a variety of support and solutions.
These include the following:
1) Educational offerings:

CAMP has instructors who are certified in offering introduction to commercial lending and commercial loan packaging classes. These classes are intended to help our members become well-versed in commercial lending practices and analysis.

2) Trade shows.

At the state and chapter level, our trade shows always have commercial sponsors seeking to explain their commercial lending programs. Often, our trade shows have commercial breakout sessions that are educational and informative, offering detailed information on SBA, multifamily, retail, office, industrial, and other lending programs. Lenders attending these include banks, life companies, mortgage bankers, private lenders, and others.

3) Networking.

Through our chapter and statewide meetings we offer numerous networking opportunities for our commercial members. Commercial practitioners often get together to share market trends, best practices, and lender and loan program information. Commercial lenders, appraisers, and other vendors add to the networking opportunities.

4) Solutions.

We have many members who are either exclusively or very actively engaged in commercial lending. Many have 10, 20, 30 years or more of experience in commercial lending world. If you have a commercial need or challenge, it’s very likely that one of our members can help you.

Whether you are a mortgage professional wanting to increase your commercial knowledge, contacts, and skills; a commercial lender or vendor looking to offer your services to skilled commercial mortgage loan originators; or a borrower looking for a commercial practitioner to help you, CAMP offers you the opportunity to find what you’re looking for.